One town’s multigenerational love affair with the
forest and the unique local timber it produces.


A local family business

Little Yarra Furniture is an Australian-owned, Victorian-based business. It was established in 2021 when our third-generation sawmillers decided to do something about the lack of Australian-made timber furniture on the market. In search of designers and skilled furniture makers who shared our love and respect for Australian hardwoods, it made sense to tap into the impressive local talent. Today, our customers can access this knowledge and craftsmanship. For you this means hand-made, authentic furniture, with each piece paying homage to our ethically-sourced and sustainable timbers.

A lifetime of love for local native timber

There are few towns that feel as close to our roots as we do here. Native timber fills our homes and our hearts, making up much of our leisure time and most of the local families’ livelihoods. Our town is here today because of timber. It is very proudly our past, our present, our future. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

To have a personalised item created from this part of the world is to keep age old crafts alive and well for generations to come.

Powelltown through and through

Sawmilling operations were established in Powelltown over 100 years ago, using tramways and bullocks to transport logs from the forest to the sawmill. After milling, the timber was transported by tram and railway to Melbourne for distribution across the country.

The name Powelltown is derived from the company contracted to fill government contracts through the Victorian Powell Wood Processing Company.